This Is Flying Blanket, Vol. 2 Comp.

This Is Flying Blanket, Vol. 2

Flying Blanket/Bob Hoag bring you a new compilation
20 tracks showcasing Bobs engineering and
production skills
over the last year or so. This comp. is a tasty blend of local talent.
exclusive songs from some amazing local
artist such as: Dear and the Headlights,
Black Carl, Kinch, What Laura Says, Courtney Marie Andrews, and even one Hoags own projects, The Love Me Nots. Compared to its predecessor, This Is Flying Blanket, Vol.1 (2008), I have to say that overall this comp. has a much better flow of music track-to-track, with almost seamlessly comfortable transitions between songs.

Like with any record there are good, decent, and interesting tracks, and then there are the songs that make you stop and say, "Oh shit! REPEAT!”. Well, there are three solid tracks on this record that I found myself excitedly anticipating through my various listens. The first being the opening track "Toolbox" by Sister Cities. I can only describe this song as beautifully haunting. Extremely vocally driven and spacey. This song also features some of the most unique transitions I have heard from a local band in a while. On the topic of unique local bands, I come to my second favorite track on the record, "Gold" by NEBA. Not only is this song instantaneously powerful and attention grabbing, it also features, in my humble opinion, some of the best lyrics on this disc. If there is one track on this comp worth blowing the speakers in your '95 Honda out for, it is definitely "Gold". The last track that I really stopped and invested a lot of listening time into (and still am) is "Hookie", by Back Ted N-Ted. Ryan Breen has a ridiculous talent for assembling catchy vocal melodies on top of beats that will immediately having you bobbing your head. If you’re new to hearing Back Ted N-Ted, I have to say this is probably to best song to be introduced to the music by. The amount of talent the artist has to offer evident on this track.

At only $8 a copy, I can guarantee you won't find a better compilation or mix of music out this year. If you need something new to listen to, and want a diverse breed of music, I highly suggest picking up a copy for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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